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When in doubt - ASK AWAY 

What's the difference between the Basic Tier and the Plus Tier packages? 

There are two primary differences between the two:

  1. Unlimited Reprints! Our plus tier packages offer reprints for everyone in the photo! No more fighting for the one group pic! Yay!

  2. The number of templates! With our plus tier packages, we feature our signature two template options. More choices galore!! Yipeee!!


Backdrops, backgrounds, templates, layouts, overlays?? What's what?

There are two basic components of each completed print: The backdrop (also referred to as the background) and the template (commonly called the layout or overlay). It's pretty easy to distinguish the two. The backdrop/background is what's behind and the template/layout/overlay is what's on front. Let's break it down for you in the following photo:

printed layout

So what we have is a beautiful honey gold backdrop along with a fun pet-themed template:)

Will the photo booth tie in to our event's theme?

Of course it will, like we said Instapics Hawaii is Hawaii's most personalized photo booth rental. We specialize in customizing every part of the experience. Not only do we create a custom template for you, but we also create a custom interface for each rental. What's a custom interface? It's basically what your guests see when taking photos. They don't see just any ordinary screen, but they see and experience a photo booth customized for your event. 

Does my rental time include set-up and breakdown?

Each rental includes an hour of set-up time and typically half an hour of breakdown time. These times are NOT included in your "live" time. This means if you reserve a three hour photo booth, you get three hours of live photo booth time! More time = more photos! Yay!! If you ever need an earlier set-up time, we could always add idle time to your contract.

Why doesn't your social station include printing?

Why prints when you can instantly have your photos, GIFs and boomerang-style videos delivered straight to your phone? After all, digital copies are the best way to share on social media - hence the name, social station:) We promise you won't miss the printer at all!

What's luxe photo finishing?

Yes, we have awesome looking photos, but who don't love some extra glamour? With luxe photo finishing, each photo is instantly processed to convey a flawless, glamorous and truly luxurious photo. We promise your guests will love the studio quality prints.

mommy daughter
3 blessed girls

Can we bring our own props?

We believe that the more props the merrier, so please feel free to supply us with your own props in addition to our collection. We could also provide custom theme-based prop boxes for an additional fee. 

How early can we book our photo booth?

It's really never too early to book your photo booth. We take bookings for up to two years ahead. Please keep in mind that our summer months tend to be very busy! It never hurts to book early! 

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